Estate Planning and Probate
IMSB's attorneys advise our individual clients in all aspects of estate planning. They analyze the clients’ financial and family circumstances and help them define their personal goals. Once goals have been established, our attorneys prepare the estate planning documents necessary to achieve those goals efficiently, including wills, trust agreements, and community property agreements. We strive to prepare these complex documents with sufficient clarity and detail to minimize the risk of later family disputes and disputes with the Internal Revenue Service.
Concerned with succession planning and the transition of control of family business enterprises and wealth, we work with our clients to establish the best structures to accomplish those objectives.
Our attorneys also help clients plan for disability or illness and end of life planning, with a variety of tools, including trusts, powers of attorney, powers of attorney regarding healthcare, and directives to physicians. 
Our attorneys are knowledgeable in probate court. Whether an estate is large or small, we handle each with efficiency and compassion.

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